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Boise real estate sellers! How can I get you the most money?

What is THE most important thing on the mind of every homeowner when they’re thinking about selling? The answer has to be: How can I get the most money? Well, here’s how…

The Formula has 3 Parts:

Pricing + Exposure + Speed = Maximum Money




1. Pricing – simply put: price it right. You have to know the market well enough to find that balance between high, but not too high. For every property, there is a sweet spot that ensures you are not underpriced, but allows the most potential buyers to see it. Is hitting that perfect number possible? Of course; however, it takes practice and current market knowledge.
Here are a few of the factors we consider when pricing a home:

  • Similar homes in your area that have sold recently
  • Features that set your property apart
  • Features your property may lack
  • The current trajectory of your market (area and property type)
  • Our team’s recent experience with similar properties
  • How broad the market is for your property
  • Who the target market is
  • What the needs are of current buyers that this property fills
  • Multiple offer analysis – the likelihood of more than one offer being made






2. Exposure – Supply and demand are a non-issue if no one sees the product. For premium exposure on your listing, we suggest a mix of building up a buzz, packaging it properly, and getting it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Building a Buzz:

Like every good movie ever made, there is time and money spent well before the movie is released to generate a buzz. Here are a few things we do to build up a buzz:

  • Pre-market your property through our database of thousands of active buyers
  • Share your property in-house, with some of the best, most productive agents in Boise
  • Calling in your area, when applicable and appropriate, to let neighbors know

Proper Packaging:

Every property deserves, but also needs, to have it’s best foot forward. Not only do buyer’s judge homes by their curb appeal, now they may judge by the first picture they see online. Here are a few things to focus on:

  • Quality pictures, thought-out verbiage, and highlighting of specific features relative to today’s buyers
  • Customize features that may include, labeled maps, aerial shots, 3D tours, etc.
  • Paying special attention to things like lockbox placement, so buyers enter the home through the door we want them to, and analysis on the “Big Three”: Light, Space, and Scent.

Reaching out to as many people as possible:

Our team has been working in the Boise area for years. We do what we can to create demand, not just wait for it.

  • Our sites attract hundreds of new buyers each week
  • During most 24hr periods we have hundreds of active buyers on our sites
  • We go the extra mile to draw attention to our listings and clients




3. Speed – don’t roll your eyes just yet. I’m not saying sell it in a day, but it’s a fact that properties that sell quickly sell for a higher percentage of their original list price than those that sit on the market. Yes, selling in one day can mean money was left on the table (hence the pricing portion of this formula), but quicker almost always means more money in the pocket of the seller.


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